Activate your Credit Card : Login to Activate your New Old Navy Card @

To initiate the activation process for your recently acquired Old Navy Card, kindly log in to and locate the “Activate Card” button. Subsequently, enter both the 16-digit credit card number and your social security number as prompted. Activate your Credit Card

The Navyist Rewards program is currently transitioning the credit card program from Synchrony to Barclays Anticipate the arrival of your new credit card in the mail starting from mid-June.

While the card boasts a refreshed appearance, rest assured it retains the same fantastic benefits you’re familiar with and appreciate. Importantly, the card continues to offer these advantages without any annual fees. For the most up-to-date information and details regarding this transition, be sure to revisit this platform regularly.

Should you intend to make a payment in June, refer to the “MAKING PAYMENTS” section below for guidance on ensuring a smooth transition.

Important to mention: If you happened to open your account on or after March 31, anticipate the mailing of your new credit card between June 20-24. Be proactive by activating your card promptly, enabling you to commence using your card without delay.

How to activate Old Navy credit card?

Follow these steps to seamlessly transition to your new Oldnavy card:

  1. Activation Process: Activate your new Oldnavy card starting June 20, anytime after 6 am ET.
  2. Discontinue Use of Previous Card: Ensure to discard your Navyist Rewards Credit Card from Synchrony at that time, as it will no longer be valid.
  3. Online Account Setup: Visit to establish and manage your account online. Take advantage of features such as setting up repeat payments and enrolling in paperless statements.
  4. Update Regular Billings: Notify any merchants that routinely bill your account, such as utilities, mobile phone, or insurance providers, about your new account information.
  5. Update Online Merchant Accounts: Additionally, update any online merchant accounts that store your credit card information for expedited check-out. Don’t forget to make the necessary updates to digital wallets for a seamless experience.


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Credit Card Login
Help Line Number 866-621-0532
Activate your card Click Here

How do I get a PIN for my chip card?

Even though a 4-digit PIN was assigned to your account upon opening, we highly recommend changing it to something both easy to remember and difficult to guess.

Here’s how you can modify your PIN:

  • Online Activation: If you activate your new card online, you will be prompted to create a new PIN. It’s worth noting that you won’t need to know your existing PIN to generate a new one.
  • Activation via Phone: If you choose to activate your new card by calling us, you can either create a new PIN during the activation process or request to have your assigned PIN sent to you by mail.

Please be aware that if you opt to create a new PIN, you will need to sign for your initial transaction at a chip-card terminal with a cashier. Once this initial chip transaction is completed, your PIN will be activated, allowing you to use your card at self-service terminals where a PIN is required.

Your PIN can also be utilized for cash advances at ATMs both in the U.S. and internationally, subject to your Cash Advance Annual Percentage Rate (APR). It’s important to note that there is only one PIN for your account. As the primary cardmember, you have the discretion to share your PIN with authorized users.

How do I register for online Credit Card account servicing?

Navigate to the login page on the website and select the “Set up online access” option. After verifying your identity and establishing your login credentials, you will gain access to the website, allowing you to manage your Credit Card account efficiently.


Prior to June 16, please continue making payments following your usual process.

Starting June 16, your access to the online credit card account through Synchrony Financial at will be discontinued. Any payments scheduled for processing on your Navyist Rewards Credit Card after June 16 will be canceled.


For those opting to make online payments, the option will remain available until 11:59 pm ET on June 15. It’s essential to acknowledge that any adjustments to a scheduled payment or autopayment can be made until 7:00 pm ET on June 15.


Individuals choosing to make payments via phone can do so until 11:59 pm ET on June 15. It’s important to note that modifications to scheduled payments or autopayments can be made until 7:00 pm ET on June 15.


If you intend to submit a payment by mail, kindly send it to the address specified for payments on your Synchrony billing statement, ensuring it reaches us at least 7 days before the due date. Payments scheduled between June 16 and June 19 should be mailed to Synchrony.

If you have existing arrangements with other electronic bill payment services, please inform them that Synchrony will no longer process payments after June 16.


Navigate to to initiate payments directly from your checking or savings account. Alternatively, you can establish arrangements with your other bill payment services using your new account information.

If opting for payment by mail, kindly make checks payable to Barclays and send them to either of the following addresses:

P.O. Box 13337
Philadelphia, PA 19101-3337


P.O. Box 60517
City of Industry, CA 91716-0517


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