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The Heyman Talent Artists Agency stands as a hub for the Midwest’s leading models, actors, and voice-over artists, extending its representation to talents across the entire nation.

As an SAG/AFTRA Franchised Agency, we take pride in presenting a diverse array of seasoned and emerging actors, catering to commercial, film, television, web series, and industrial projects.

Our extensive roster encompasses captivating individuals in the modeling realm, specializing in fashion, lifestyle, and runway endeavors. At Heyman Talent, we are dedicated to curating a pool of talent that meets the highest standards across various entertainment and fashion platforms.


Tom Heyman, a singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, embarked on his musical journey in the late 1980s with the Philadelphia-based band Go To Blazes. Assuming the roles of songwriter and guitarist, the band released five full-length records and extensively toured the United States and Europe until their disbandment in 1997. After relocating to San Francisco in 1998, Heyman diversified his musical career by working as a sideman, contributing to bands such as The Court and Spark and Chuck Prophet’s band. He also engaged in touring and recording projects with notable artists like John Doe, Alejandro Escovedo, Sonny Smith, Hiss Golden Messenger, and many others.

Simultaneously, Heyman discovered his unique voice as a solo artist and bandleader. His second solo record, “Deliver Me,” garnered critical acclaim, receiving 4-star reviews in both Mojo and Uncut magazines. Tracks from the record found their way into popular TV shows such as True Blood, Justified, and Damages. Heyman’s musical journey continued with the recording of his sixth solo album, “24th Street Blues,” in Portland, Oregon. Produced by Mike Coykendall (M. Ward) and featuring contributions from Rusty Miller (Kelley Stoltz, Jason Lytle), the album aimed to capture the loose, late-night, low-down groove of JJ Cale, combined with the bittersweet melancholia of late-period Nick Lowe and the melodic storytelling reminiscent of Heyman’s hero, Gordon Lightfoot.

Written primarily during the late hours after extended bar shifts, “24th Street Blues” delves into the loneliness and alienation of a city in transition, exploring the true costs of love. The release, available in vinyl, compact disc, and digital formats, also includes a 60-page illustrated songbook featuring artwork by Heyman’s wife, the accomplished oil painter Deirdre White, who teaches fine art at CCSF and UC Davis. “24th Street Blues” marks another significant chapter in Tom Heyman’s musical repertoire, promising a compelling blend of musical prowess and poignant storytelling.

Heyman Talent Agency Reviews

The Heyman Talent Artists Agency, a platform showcasing premier models, actors, and voice-over artists in the Midwest, with representation spanning coast to coast, has garnered positive attention. As an SAG/AFTRA Franchised Agency, it prides itself on offering a diverse range of seasoned and emerging actors for commercials, films, TV, web series, and industrials.

Online reviews, particularly on the Indeed platform, provide insights from 7 employees who have shared their experiences with the company. The overall rating stands at an impressive 4.3 out of 5.0. The consensus in these reviews is overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the agency as an excellent place for actors and commending the positive work environment fostered by Heyman Talent. This positive feedback suggests a reputation for professionalism and a supportive atmosphere, making it an appealing choice for individuals in the entertainment industry.


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