Who owns Starry Soda? What’s Different?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, I don’t have specific information about a lemon-lime soft drink named “Starry” distributed by PepsiCo in January 2023. It’s possible that this is a new product or a regional release that occurred after my last update.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend checking PepsiCo’s official website, press releases, or reliable news sources for any announcements or details about the “Starry” soft drink.

What Is Starry Soda?

Embarking on a cosmic journey? Say hello to Starry Soda, making its celestial debut in January 2023. This refreshing caffeine-free lemon-lime beverage takes the spotlight as Pepsi’s successor to Sierra Mist. In the ever-evolving world of colas, Pepsi has been anything but stagnant. From Pepsi S’mores and Pepsi Nutmeg to Peeps Pepsi and Nitro Pepsi, the company continues to revolutionize the cola landscape. Now, it’s time for a zesty twist in the lemon-lime department.

Bid farewell to Sierra Mist, which enjoyed a commendable tenure since its introduction in 1999—practically ancient history in the realm of sodas. Perhaps the somewhat unwieldy two-word name and a brief rebranding stint as Mist Twist for two years didn’t quite resonate. Starry, however, enters the scene with a fresh start and a luminous name that promises to shine brightly. The soda world is in for a sparkling transformation.

Starry Soda vs Sierra Mist: What’s Different?

Distinguishing itself from Sierra Mist extends beyond a mere name change for Starry. While Sierra Mist was crafted with real sugar, Starry takes a different path, utilizing high fructose corn syrup for its sweetening. The decision to shift from real sugar to HFCS may seem counterintuitive, as the current trend often leans towards the opposite direction, favoring the replacement of HFCS with real sugar in beverage formulations.

Pepsi’s rationale behind swapping Sierra Mist for Starry remains somewhat elusive. However, the target audience appears to be crystal clear—Gen Z, brace yourselves. In a company statement, Pepsi positioned Starry as a beverage tailored “for a generation of irreverent optimists,” signifying a strategic move to capture the attention of the younger demographic.

The cola conundrum persists among enthusiasts, with debates ranging from Pepsi versus Coke. Yet, for those with a penchant for citrus-infused sodas, whether lemon-lime, grapefruit, or other variations, the market seems saturated with options like 7-Up, Sprite, Bubble Up, Mountain Dew, Fresca, and Squirt. Nevertheless, Starry boldly joins the mix, adding another layer of choice to the already bustling citrus soda landscape. Naturally, the only way to truly gauge its appeal was to give it a try.



Starry Soda vs Sprite: Here’s What I Thought

Having conducted a thorough tasting session with regular Starry, zero sugar Starry, and, for a benchmark, a sampling of Sprite—a prominent lemon-lime soda from Coca-Cola—I delved into the nuances of these fizzy contenders.

Regular Starry, while not reaching the heights of a taste sensation, fell into the realm of acceptability. Its flavor profile tended towards the slightly spicy, a departure from the sweetness characterizing its competitor, Sprite. Pepsi’s claim of a crisp taste found agreement in my evaluation.

In the Sprite corner, the seasoned contender displayed a sweeter disposition and a smoother finish. The extensive tenure of Coca-Cola’s tinkering, dating back to Sprite’s introduction in the United States in 1961, seemingly contributes to its well-honed flavor.

Zero sugar Starry, stepping into the ring with a smoother demeanor than its fully sweetened counterpart, couldn’t escape the unmistakable clutches of a diet aftertaste. When subjected to a direct face-off, regular Sprite emerged triumphant. Apologies, Starry, the verdict falls on the reality that, as a Gen Xer, my taste buds align more with the tried-and-true rather than the avant-garde.

Where Can I Get Starry?

Starry has made its celestial presence known, gracing store shelves across the nation. I’ve personally witnessed its luminosity adorning the soda aisles of my local markets. If you find the stars twinkling in your own soda pop section, don’t hesitate to seize the opportunity and give it a try.

Is Starry just Sierra Mist?

Upon scrutinizing the ingredient lists of Sierra Mist and Starry, it becomes evident that these two beverages share striking similarities. However, a notable disparity arises in the formulation, as Sierra Mist was previously offered in a cane sugar formula, a feature not retained in Starry. Despite the apparent likeness, this nuanced difference sets the two drinks apart.

Why did Pepsi switch to Starry?

Pepsi’s shift to Starry was a strategic decision aimed at enhancing its competitive position against Sprite. According to Danielle Barbaro, Vice President of Research and Development at PepsiCo Beverages North America, Starry was meticulously crafted to achieve the ideal equilibrium of lemon-lime flavor and sweetness, surpassing the offerings of its competitors. This calculated move reflects PepsiCo’s commitment to meeting consumer preferences and maintaining a strong foothold in the ever-evolving beverage market.

Is Starry the same as 7 Up?

Contrary to popular belief, Starry and 7Up are not identical. Despite both falling into the category of lemon-lime sodas, these beverages originate from distinct companies and boast unique flavor profiles. In the realm of lemon-lime drinks, the nuances between Starry, 7Up, Sierra Mist, and Sprite contribute to a diverse array of choices for consumers.

Is Starry the same as Sprite?

In a review of Starry soda, the Sierra Mist replacement, a comparison was drawn with Sprite. While Starry and Sprite are somewhat interchangeable, there are subtle distinctions. Starry leans towards a slightly more citrusy flavor, whereas Sprite is perceived as having a cleaner taste. Ultimately, the preference between the two is subjective, with the reviewer expressing a personal inclination towards Starry. An interesting note from the review emphasizes a negative view of 7-Up in contrast to the positive assessment of Starry.

FAQs About Starry Soda

What soda is Starry replacing? Starry is taking the place of PepsiCo’s Sierra Mist.

Is Starry different than Sierra Mist? Yes, Starry and Sierra Mist, both lemon-lime sodas, differ in their sweeteners and flavor profiles. Sierra Mist, known for its intense sweetness from cane sugar, contrasts with Starry’s use of high-fructose corn syrup, providing a cleaner, more neutral sweetness.

Does Starry still taste like Sierra Mist? Opinions vary; some consumers find similarities, while others note distinct differences attributed to the altered sweeteners and a more pronounced citrus flavor in Starry.

Is Starry the same as 7Up? No, Starry is not identical to 7Up. Despite both being lemon-lime sodas, they are produced by different companies and boast different flavor profiles.

Is Starry soda just Sprite? No, Starry is not merely Sprite. Although both are lemon-lime sodas, they originate from different companies and offer distinctive flavors.

Is Starry sweeter than Sprite? No, Sprite has been identified as sweeter than Starry.

Is Starry cheaper than Sprite? The pricing of Starry may vary by location and retailer, but generally, it competes favorably with Sprite.


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